Tim Johnson is a classical violinist, fiddler, and recording artist. In 2006, Mr. Johnson founded the Merced College Orchestra which performed its premier concert in the fall of 2006. Mr. Johnson holds a BA in Business, an MA in Music Education, and is pursuing his Doctorate degree in Music Arts through Boston University. Mr. Johnson is a composer of numerous genres of music with a passion for music education in the Central Valley and Merced College. His work has resulted in mentoring a growing number of community string musicians, violinists, and fiddlers.

He is currently spreading his musical knowledge and passion for the arts through his new venture, the Oakhurst Community String Orchestra. In 2010, Johnson founded the Oakhurst Community String Orchestra, which has survived on private money.

Johnson is no stranger to orchestras. From 1974-76, he was the concertmaster for the Fresno Junior Philharmonic In 1977, he was hired as a violinist for the Fresno Philharmonic. In 2006, he founded the Merced Junior College Orchestra, which existed from 2006-2009 until it ran out of funding.

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Tim Johnson
C: (559)301-0033
F: (559)645-6235

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