Bobby Black – Steel Guitar

Today, as in the past, Bobby Black’s talent and tastes have led him in many musical directions. He is a player with skill and poise, who cut his musical teeth playing western swing.

When Rock & Roll usurped live music in the 1960s, the necessity of earning a living required him to join that rush. Later, when country music returned to vogue (a drought that younger players lack awareness of), Bobby was ready.

He fit right in with Commander Cody And The Lost Planet Airmen, Asleep At The Wheel, New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Barbara Mandrell’s Do-Rites. During that time (the ’70s), Bobby spent most of his time on the road, as well as a lot of session work. In those years he was the person in charge of Artist & Repertoire for Pete Drake’s recording studio in Nashville.

Ultimately returning to his home in the San Francisco Bay Area, he initially made San Jose’s Cow Town nightclub his steady gig. But he was in constant demand, so freelanced and backed many touring artists. Today he can be spotted at about any special musical event in the San Francisco Bay area, performing with anyone who wants a player who can cut it all.

Few are aware of Bobby’s strong interest in Hawaiian music, and he is quick to admit that Jerry Byrd has always been his idol. Bobby is one of a few players who can blend country and pop to create light jazz that is remarkably stylized and smooth. His versatility in any music venue makes his services constantly in demand.

Bobby Black’s albums showcase a talent for flawless expression, striving for perfection in all his musical arrangements. There is no time to be bored when listening to Bobby’s music, since his albums always reveal his talent for successfully entwining country, pop, and light rock, with the flair of a brilliant artist.