Tim Johnson, who played seven years with Sons of San Joaquin, and his new band, the Sierra Cowboy Riders, are currently performing selections from his new album, “American Cowboy Swing — Next Generation,” at Oakhurst Lutheran Church.

Johnson leads the church’s Western Gospel Service at 4 p.m. Sundays.

“I have re-created up here what (Sons of San Joaquin) has done in the Valley,” Johnson says. “The beat goes on.”

Tim Johnson, TJFiddleman.com, welcomes you to his web site. Tim Johnson is the winner of the WMA Instrumentalist of the Year Award in 2007. Tim has actively performed music in orchestras, churches, classical recitals, rodeos, barn dances, and family events.

Sierra Cowboy Riders

Tim teams up with his band of talented musicians performing a wide range of western, early jazz, swing, and gospel music with an emphasis on the history and educational values of the American West.

The Sierra Riders proudly offer various shows ranging from an eclectic acoustic Cowboy-Music group up to a dynamic Contemporary Country-Western Dance Band extravaganza… and everything in between! This engaging Act can oblige any audience with early Western Music & Cowboy Swing along with the latest greatest Pop-Country Hits to meet your party needs. Family-friendly, fun and upbeat, The Sierra Cowboy Riders feature the most exquisite yet powerful harmonies to ever waft across the open prairies while being accompanied by the authentic instrumental elements of early Western Music.

Tim and his Sierra Cowboy Riders Band offers some of the most uplifting, melodic and memorable music that is the foundational heritage of the Western genres that are so popular today. Accurately portraying and capturing the sounds and spirit of the “singing cowboys” of yesteryear, The Sierra Cowboy Riders perform a wonderfully vibrant and creative fast-paced show that aims to be a sure-fire crowd pleaser… campfire optional of course!

So, if you’re circlin’ the wagons anytime soon out there under the stars or anywhere else along the trail and desire the Best in Cowboy & Country-Western Music… just telegraph The Sierra Cowboy Riders… and they’ll come-a-ridin’ in… white hats ‘n all… to ensure your next event is an adventure your guests will enjoy and cherish forever!

Here on their website, you will find the Sierra Cowboy Riders CONCERT SCHEDULE, CDs FOR SALE, BOOKING INFORMATION, MUSIC EDUCATION INFORMATION and most everything else about these fine western performers.